FAQ: What type of alerts can be created for my forms?

Form alerts and notifications can help make you a digital superhero. 

Digitizing your forms results in a plethora of benefits, from reducing storage demands to powerful logic capabilities. Popular features utilized by many of our customers are automatic Alerts, which dispatch notifications to key-players, as fields, forms and milestones are completed.

Alerts are notifications that help your team stay on the same page, and one step ahead of obstacles. The various demands placed on the modern business can make it difficult to pinpoint just what types of Alerts would be beneficial within operational workflows. To help, we’ve compiled a few Alerts use cases to empower you to become a digital superhero.

The Customer Service Champion: Even the most patient customer in the world shouldn’t be kept waiting. Keep your customers happy and staff attentive with the following Alert options:

  1. Visitor Sign-In notification Alerts: When clients arrive, have them sign-in using a 'Visitor Sign-In' form and indicate who they are expecting to meet with—when the visitor has entered an employee’s name, an Alert can be sent to notify the corresponding staff member of their client’s arrival.
  2. Order Processing Notifications: Keep customers informed and involved with regular updates regarding their orders. Dispatch email notifications containing order details, documents or progress to customers utilizing the Email field and custom messaging (using their form data).

The Payroll Pro: Keep your staff happy and accountable with streamlined, prompt payroll Alerts. Notify staff members of payroll processing and approved pay details with Alerts tailored to timesheet supervisor sign-offs (via the Signature field).

The Logistics Legend: Keep every department informed with order location and shipping Alerts. Enable forms to dispatch Alerts based on GPS data, allowing key-players to instantly know the status of shipments or upcoming required action.


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