[eBook] Top 7 Mobile Form Features to Modernize Your Business

For hundreds of years people have been filling out forms on paper. Using paper forms is an error-prone, time consuming and outdated process. With the proliferation of mobile devices like iPads in the workplace, mobile forms have become vital tools for modern businesses. Filling out forms on a tablet means increased efficiencies, reduced costs and access to the advantages of digital technology. This ebook discusses seven of the most important mobile form features and their benefits.

At GoFormz, we are pioneering the new breed of Mobile Forms that are simple to use and will modernize your business. With GoFormz you can start capturing data electronically, look more professional, and modernize how your team works. GoFormz is dedicated to helping every business in the world eliminate paper forms, work smarter, and modernize how your work gets done.


To create this eBook we identified the highest impact characteristics of mobile forms that contribute to the modernization of businesses and business processes.

Sneak Peek of what you will learn:

Feature 1: Photo & Image Fields

Photo and Image Fields provide visual information that a textbox simply cannot ... Mobile forms give you the ability to include images directly on your form and use the built-in camera on your device to capture them.

Feature 5: Automated Workflows

Automation is key to increased efficiency in the modern business world. One of the most valuable features you can leverage from a mobile form is the ability to easily instrument workflows or triggers. For example, a mobile form can automatically email and forward copies of the form (for approval signature, record keeping, etc) when it is completed.





eBook: 8 Mobile Forms Every Construction and Field Service Company Should Have

This eBook highlights 8 essential mobile forms that every construction and field service company should be using instead of paper forms. Using mobile forms reduces costs, saves time and provides more accurate and better data than paper forms. The forms discussed in this eBook have been identified and scored based on these three key benefits. For each mobile form, there is a corresponding score, highlights of the key drivers of switching from paper to digital, and a brief discourse on how the form itself becomes more beneficial on a mobile device than on paper.


Sneak Peak of what you will learn:

Work Order Form: Complete a work order form on your mobile device to automate calculations and totals. This saves time and captures instant and accurate data. 

  • Data Improvement Score: High
  • Cost Savings Score: Medium
  • Time Saving Score: High

Job Inspection Forms: Using a mobile version of the job inspection form organizes your findings into a centralized framework, making it many times easier to collate and review them than with a paper-­based workflow. 

  • Data Improvement Score: Very High
  • Cost Savings Score: Medium
  • Time Savings Score: Medium


We have templates of these mobile forms for you to use in your GoFormz account for free. If you would like a demo of these mobile forms or to have them added to your account, submit your request here.

To learn more about what GoFormz can do to improve your construction workflow, explore our construction industry solution page.

New eBook: 7 Reasons Why Smart Mobile Forms Are Better Than Fillable PDFs.

Forrester Research recently forecasted that by 2018, there will be 156 million tablets being used by businesses. Companies are working to effectively support their mobile workforce, driving a movement to replace the many paper forms they use with electronic versions.

Of the 50 billion PDFs that were opened in the past year, many were fillable PDFs that businesses used to capture form data. However, replacing paper forms with fillable PDFs is limited and error prone, and results in electronic documents that are simply static, isolated records of information. They lack ‘smarts.’

At GoFormz, we are pioneering the new breed of Smart Mobile Forms that are simple to use, yet are also intelligent, interactive and collaborative documents that can be filled out on any device. They are tightly coupled with data management, analytics tools and cloud-based storage.

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We created this eBook to educate the business reader on the differences between Smart Mobile Forms and Fillable PDFs.

To create this eBook we identified some of the biggest disparities between Smart Mobile Forms and Fillable PDFs, and their implications on businesses.

Sneak Peak of what you will learn:                                    

Reason #1: Smart Mobile Forms are Dynamic and ‘Intelligent’

Fillable PDFs allow basic annotation of a form, while smart mobile forms can automate calculations, integrate data sources to pre-fill fields accurately, and enable dynamic features like conditional IF/THEN logic for specific fields.

Where fillable PDFs are nice annotation tools, smart mobile forms are data capture workhorses.

Reason #7: New Types of Data are Captured Through Your Mobile Device, such as GPS, Data & Time, Images, Etc.

Data entered into fillable PDFs is just static text entered from the keyboard – it is almost always alphanumeric. With smart mobile forms you can leverage the power of your device’s native resources like camera, GPS location, and clock date-time. This lets you include many new useful types of data in your forms, including images, GPS coordinates, date & time.

Download the eBook to learn more about how smart mobile forms can help your company.