Top 6 Reasons Why Mobile Forms for Construction Are Changing the Industry

GoFormz is used across many industries in over 170 countries around the world. When companies implement GoFormz mobile forms and reports they see big changes across their businesses - from the field to the back office.  

Here are the top 6 reasons why mobile forms are changing the industry.

1. Availability of new data types like GPS: Automatically record location in your mobile form -saving time and providing more accurate data.

2. Real time data updates: When you save your form, the data is available for review in real time.

3. Faster invoicing: Because data is available from the field in real time, invoice cycles are shorter, and customers pay sooner.

4. Streamlined back office workflow: Eliminating the paper trail reduces the pile up of paper forms in the back office and it makes it easier to find critical data in the future.

5. Easy access to data: Search any piece of data recorded in a form and also run reports. This helps companies make educated and agile business decisions.

6. Jobsite documentation and validation: Include images directly in your forms to document where, when, and what a jobsite looked like before and after work was completed. (You can also point out problem areas by sketching directly on the photos.) This helps many companies avoid conflict when it comes to billing.

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