GoFormz is Globally Localized for Everyone Around the World

Here at GoFormz, we have coined the term Globally Localized - meaning that our product and solution is localized for anyone across the Globe to use, regardless of what language is on their forms. This is possible because we are able to turn your paper forms into exact digital versions (including language) for your mobile device. For example, if you are a French company and your devices use French keyboards and your paper forms are in French, your GoFormz Mobile Forms will be in French.

Because GoFormz is a globally localized product, it is used in over 173 countries!  Whether it is a small Norwegian auto repair shop, or a global food service corporation with footprints in many countries, businesses of any size can use our mobile forms in whatever language they choose.  Being able to support the ‘native’ language of customers filling out forms on our system means they can experience the many benefits that our platform has to offer, beyond just the mobile form.

We have some very large multinational corporations (MNCs) that use our solution across their regional centers around the world.  Using GoFormz allows MNCs to capture better data and make faster business decisions on a global level.   For example, a company headquartered in Asia uses GoFormz in their manufacturing center in Colombia. It was super easy for them to turn their existing paper forms that were in Colombian Spanish into mobile form versions.  The team in Colombia didn't require any new training, and were able to deploy the new mobile solution without skipping a beat.  As soon as a form is completed, the data is instantly available to the headquarters on the other side of the Globe (removing the need to ship paper, or scan-and-send).  This MNC company can view the data in real time and truly make more agile business decisions.

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