Announcing the GoFormz API Developer Hub and API v2

Our mission here at GoFormz is to transform your business by making the collection and management of data as easy as possible.  By starting with a user interface that mirrors the familiar interface of your existing paper forms, we aim to create a seamless transition to paperless collection of data.  Once the data is captured, our objective is to provide you with access to it in whatever format you desire.  While there are several different ways to get at your GoFormz data such as reports and exports, we have had a huge number of requests for a standards-based API for providing the capability of deeper integration between GoFormz and other systems.  

 We are excited to announce the launch of the GoFormz API Developer Hub and API v2.  With this 2nd generation of the API, we have made it much easier to programmatically access and update your GoFormz data.  Those of you who worked with v1 of our API will be happy to hear that this latest version follows REST principles when possible, and can actually be tried out straight from the Developer Hub.  Following is the UI for testing the ability to get a form:

Our customers use our API for many different types of integrations.  A few of the most common ones include:

  • Retrieving completed or draft forms and all associated data
  • Deleting forms once the data is harvested
  • Creating form drafts with pre-populated information
  • Downloading PDFs generated from GoFormz
  • Keeping data sources up-to-date with the latest list from a third-party system

 Full documentation of API v2 can be found at the Developer Hub at

We are continually adding functionality to our API, so you can expect more exciting news in the very near future.