Customer Success at Task Construction

As a customer success organization, we are always looking to provide great service and to keep our customers happy.  With a satisfaction rating of over 96% we believe that we’re doing a pretty good job.  However, sometimes a situation presents itself to really go above and beyond for a customer in a bind, which was the case recently for Erick Juarez at Task Construction. 

Erick and his team were in a difficult situation.  They had recently let go of two employees who subsequently deleted all of the data from their company GoFormz account.

“Basically, what happened was, two pieces of monkey crap sabotaged many of our systems that we used online to conduct business with on a daily basis,” wrote Erick. 

Once Erick realized what had happened, he contacted the support team and we were able to assist with the recovery of his data and to get his account back up and operational. 

Not only was the response time from your support team impressive (seriously, might have been in record time), it was actually effective!

He goes on to say,

GoFormz has set the bar extremely high and other companies should take note of your practices and procedures. You guys really broke the mold. Not only is this good customer’s just good business. Plain & Simple.

We are always happy to deliver outstanding service, and to have another happy GoFormz customer like Task Construction.

-Jason Craven, VP of Customer Success, GoFormz