Still Stuck on PDF's? Three More Reasons To Use Mobile Forms

Is your business and your data still stuck on PDF’s? Here are three big reasons why it's time to make a change to smart mobile forms:

1. Harness The Power of Searchable Data

Fillable pdfs are just isolated documents. Smart mobile forms collect and aggregate all of the data from every document and store it in a cloud-based database. With smart mobile form platforms like GoFormz,  use powerful reporting tools to identify trends in your data and to make agile business decisions.

2. They play Well With Others

Smart mobile form platforms make forms and data available to other critical business systems through strong integration connections. Whereas fillable pdfs may simply be uploaded to cloud storage as a file, or attached to a record in some other software application. Many companies integrate smart mobile form systems to multiple business systems, like CRM, ERP and Human Resources systems. GoFormz offers a robust api and development hub to make these integrations simple to implement and powerful to use.

3. Unlock Your Data

Data is locked up in a flat file when it is captured in a fillable pdf, and accessibility relies on file transfer, storage and workflow processes -  all of which introduces latency and widens the risk of data corruption and error. Data is instantaneous, searchable and accessible in real-time when captured through a smart mobile form.  

Still unconvinced? Check out our mobile forms feature page for more information & tips.