ProTip: Displaying Data in ALLCAPS

Did you know that within GoFormz, you can format any field to display in ALL CAPS?  Similar to the UPPER function in Excel, this is a great feature to use in forms that require all caps in specific fields.  

To set a field in ALL CAPS:

Click on the field within your template that you'd like to set as ALL CAPS. This will highlight that field's Properties window:

Within the Properties menu, locate the Default Value section. Inside this section, you will need to reference the fields Name within the syntax of the UPPER function.  


Within the Default Value, enter in the following calculation:

=UPPER([Field Name])

In this example, the Field Name would be [Customer Name].  Once finished, be sure to save your template and then sync your device to reflect those changes made.  It's as easy as that!  Now your field(s) will default to displaying your data in ALL CAPS