Switch From Paper to Mobile Forms With GoFormz

Many companies think that converting paper forms to mobile forms is a complicated and costly process, or may be disruptive to existing workflows. But this doesn’t have to be the case, especially when you use the GoFormz solution. You just upload a digital copy (pdf or jpg) of your form to your GoFormz account and use our editor to easily configure the various form fields. Then you just download the GoFormz app and start filling out your new forms. It’s that easy.

Some immediate benefits of using the GoFormz platform:

  1. Your mobile forms look exactly like your paper forms, so there is little to no need for training of your staff.

  2. Save time and never lose a form again, because there is no need to travel to and from the office to turn in forms. Form submissions are fast. Once you are done filling out a form, just press [Save] and the form is immediately synced to the cloud-based platform.

  3. Better, more accurate data is being collected because of the conditional logic and calculated fields within the forms. Save time, and reduce manual errors.

  4. Include new types of data that are readily available on your device such as pictures, GPS, time & date.

  5. Run reports for fast answers and real-time analysis. No more hunting around file cabinets for forms, or opening up scans from a back-office system.

Use GoFormz reporting to run queries on any piece of data across all of your forms. Because the form submission process is instant, you can run reports on the freshest data from the field.

You can also use GoFormz to vastly improve and automate your workflow processes. With the GoFormz API you can integrate GoFormz with your other business systems.