Spotlight Feature: Dynamic Field Properties

With the recent release of our new feature: Dynamic Field Properties, you can now setup your mobile forms so that if certain values are entered into a field, it can dynamically change a field's visibility, background color, or make it requiredChanging the background color of a field when specific data is entered is a great way to draw attention to fields. Dynamically making a field required ensures that important fields are filled out and workflow is enforced. Similarly, dynamically making a field not visible prevents unneeded fields from being distracting.

Example: Imagine an inspection form where you need to record which parts were replaced.  

When you mark a checkbox indicating you replaced a part, you can dynamically display a field for the part number and replacement date, indicating that those fields must be completed. 

Once you have filled in the part number and date, the backgrounds of the fields turn yellow to indicate that the fields have been filled out and the form can now be completed.

Currently this feature is available in the Advanced Edition