[Video] Using Dynamic Field Properties

Dynamic Field Properties (DFP's) allow you to alter a field's visibility, change its background color and/or make it Required, based on the information entered into a field. 

Customizing a field's behavior can help provide guidance for form users, and ensure crucial data is entered into a form before it is submitted. To better understand the impact and implementation of this game-changing functionality, check out our Adding and Editing DFP's video, and read the use case scenarios (all mentioned within the video) provided below. 

Required Field Use Case: 
Making a field Required allows form creators to ensure specific, crucial data is entered before a form can be submitted. In our video example, we learn that the field we need to enforce is the "Inspection Date" field... but only when the "Inspected By" field has been filled. This Dynamic behavior means users are only required to complete the Inspection Date field when it becomes relevant (which, in this case, is only when the Inspected By field is filled). 
Value Column: Required
Formula Used: =IF([Inspected By]= "", "false", "true")

Visibility Use Case: 
Changing the visibility of a field allows you to present fields only when they need to be completed. Within the DFP instructional video (above), we saw an inspection form example, showcasing the visibility Dynamic Field Property. In this example, the Inspection Date field is only made visible as a result of the Inspection By field being filled. By altering a field's visibility, form users are only presented with fields relevant to their situation, that need their attention. 
Value Column: Visible
Formula Used: =IF([Inspected By]= "", "false", "true"

Background Color Use Case:
Changing the background color of a field is more than a simple aesthetic decision. By changing the color of a field as a response to a form action, form creators can provide helpful guidance, and direct user attention to outstanding fields. In our video example, we see an image field being completed. As an image is placed, the description text box changes color (from blue to red), in an effort to draw the user's attention. 
Value Column: Background
Formula Used: =IF([Image 1]= "", "C0FFFF", "FF0000")

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