The Time-Off Request Form On Your Mobile Device

A mobile Time-Off Request form makes life easier for both employees and employers. Avoid lost forms, communication breakdowns, last minute coverage requests snafus, incorrectly tracked vacation day payouts, and other costly situations. 

The Time-Off Request form centralizes all of the necessary information from the employee and automatically calculates the total number of days requested. After the employee completes his/her form, the request is automatically transferred directly to the supervisor for approval. 

The supervisor is instantly alerted of the request and can approve or decline it. The form also has fields for a supervisor to write notes and a signature box to complete the form. Once completed, the form is securely stored in a Cloud database for organized record keeping.

  • Auto-email Workflow: Automatically email a copy of the form to the employee and/or supervisor or any other email recipients.
  • Automated Calculations: Ensure accurate totals every time. Make sure vacation days are properly tracked per employee.
  • Text Fields: Include company time-off policies and more. Every organization has their own vacation and time-off policies.
  • Form Transfer Workflow: Directly submit a form from an employee to the office for processing. This form needs to be filled out by two parties in order to be completed. Let workflows handle the form handoff.
  • Required Field: Signature is required. Bind the request with a signature to affirm completion.