5 Ways How Mobile Forms Are Changing the HVAC and Plumbing Industries

Of the thousands of GoFormz customers using our solution in over 170 countries worldwide, many of them are in the HVAC and commercial plumbing business. We get a lot of feedback from this group in the form of case studies as well as direct community communication. And from this, we’ve culled together some key trends behind how mobile forms are evolving and improving their industries.

1.     Real Time Data: When you complete a mobile form, it is automatically submitted and saved to our Cloud platform and the data is instantly available to review and process. This empowers businesses to not only have more visibility into what is going on in the field and at jobsite dispatches, but also provides real time data to make agile business decisions. Real time data means that businesses can react to market and customer changes faster, providing competitive advantages and delivering better customer service.

2.     Faster Invoicing: Because forms are instantly submitted when you complete them, the administrative team in the office can process them immediately, resulting in fast turnaround times for job estimates, invoicing and payment cycles. Reducing the time it takes to receive and process forms drives efficiencies across your business and streamlines your back office operations.

3.     Streamlined Back Office Workflow: Moving away from a paper based workflow to a mobile forms solution frees up the administrative staff from data processing, such as re-entering customer information from paper forms into a customer records system. With electronic data immediately available in a Cloud platform, the administrative team can conduct simple searches to quickly find crucial information, and there is no need to ‘transfer’ information from a form into a system – it’s automatically done. This saves tons of time and removes the need for manual processing, which can be error prone.

4.     Thorough Jobsite Documentation with Better Data: Include images and GPS directly in your forms to document advanced jobsite specifics, resulting in better record keeping and more accurate estimates and project proposals. You can also use the sketch fields to point out problem areas on the photos. Visual and location data in mobile forms means that you gather more information on your forms. With these new data types, your business records are more complete and the service you provide is more thoroughly documented.

5.     Connect to Other Business Systems: Mobile form platforms allow forms and their data to be accessed by other business systems through integration connections. Many companies integrate their mobile form systems with their CRMs, ERPs, and other key business systems. This allows data to flow across an organization’s various systems and help maintain efficient and effective business operations. You can connect GoFormz to your other business systems either through our API or by using our partner integrations with Box, ServiceMax and others.

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