GoFormz Offers Solutions for Businesses of Any Type, Size, or Industry.

GoFormz works in all different industries

GoFormz has customers in over 170 countries from all kinds of industries.  We are proud to offer a solution that works for any company of any size or business type. For example, we currently have thousands of teachers, service repair companies, engineers, retail businesses, large restaurant franchises and more using our platform.  And our solution works for any use case – our customers in the construction industry for example, whether they are a general contractor, project manager, trade specialist, developer, etc, use our solution to convert their paper forms into mobile forms and use them on their mobile devices like iPads or other smartphones and tablets, regardless of the type of form. (We have transformed accident reports, project start-up check list, job site tool list, time sheet detail forms, and many other forms from paper to mobile.) Read some of our customers’ case studies here.

With GoFormz, your mobile forms look exactly like your existing paper forms. So there is little to no training involved for your employees. Read our eBook: Top 8 Forms Every Construction and Field Service Company Should Have.

If you are in the field service or the inspection industry, you might want to check out our video case study, on Inspecta, the largest inspection company in Northern Europe.