5 Mobile Form Workflows Everyone Should Implement to Improve Their Daily Tasks

The GoFormz solution is much more than just filling out a form on your iPad or smartphone. It allows you to go beyond simply recording data - mobile forms can automate calculations for you, capture new types of data like GPS and photos, and sync your data with other business systems you are using (like QuickBase and other CRM systems). Our mobile forms can also automate your daily workflows, streamlining your tasks and freeing up your time to do other things.  Here are 5 workflows you should consider using:

1. Automatically Email a Copy of a Form

One of the most popular workflows used by mobile form users is setting up triggers to automatically email copies of a form when it is completed. You will no longer need to manually processes forms, such as printing or scanning forms to send to a customer or supplier. Don’t risk losing an important form or forgetting to send a copy - automate the task.

2. Transfer Form (to someone else to complete)

There are many instances where different sections of a form should be completed by specific individuals in your organization. With just a few taps you can easily forward a form to teammates.

3. Save to Box.com

GoFormz has a unique partnership with Box. This means secure, organized and easily accessible cloud-based storage of your forms. In minutes, you can setup your forms to automatically save to your team’s Box account.

4. Tagging

Organization is key when dealing with large amounts of forms. Applying Tags to your forms allows you to be better organized and easily group together all of your forms so that you can find and retrieve them whenever they are needed. Tags are like folders, but better - you can apply more than one tag to a form, and GoFormz can automatically add tags for you based on values entered into your forms (eg add the actual customer name or invoice number to forms as a Tag).

5. Notifications

When you have several forms concurrently active in the field, it can be a challenge to track the current status of each form. Use Notifications to keep you updated on relevant changes in form status; receive an alert when a form is transferred or completed in the field. This is particularly useful in instances where the completion of a form is time sensitive.

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