Conditional Logic Built into Your Forms Improves Quality Control

Paper forms are error prone and are often not filled out properly or completely. Many customers see a significant difference in the quality of their data after implementing conditional logic into their digital forms.

quality data collection

Team Murph, a very large Domino’s Pizza Franchisee with multiple locations in Texas and Tennessee, uses mobile forms to monitor their many different locations with better data such as images and sketches in their forms. They have also vastly increased the quality and completeness of their forms’ data by using conditional logic that enforces that specific fields must be filled out before a form can be completed and submitted. With the conditional logic features, they are able to increase accountability, improve quality training, and receive 2x the amount of useable data back (than they did before using mobile forms).

Another GoFormz customer that saw a significant improvement in quality control after implementing conditional logic is Alpine Painting and Sandblasting. Their Project Managers are now able to ensure that all of the right questions are being answered prior to submitting a form and reduce the number of errors. Both project management and data quality has improved for the company as a whole.

Mobile forms solutions offer a number of features that simply are not possible with a static paper form. Conditional logic is one of the many features GoFormz provides to help their customers achieve success.