Texas Spooling Company's Mobile Forms Accelerate Billing

212 ESP Services, a spooling company based in Texas, was experiencing company growth that their documentation could not keep pace with. Specifically aiming to address their slow billing processes through a more modern approach, 212 ESP Services selected GoFormz as their go-to digital solution. 

The ease of using GoFormz to digitize existing paper forms allowed 212 ESP Services to seamlessly convert existing billing forms, and soon thereafter, completely new mobile forms. Phil Stagg, of 212 ESP Services, raved,

 “We are a small company. However, even at our small size, GoFormz saves us hundreds of dollars each week. Our competitors often have to drive all over our service area (roughly 40,000 square miles) attempting to get a signature on a document. We get it done in a matter of seconds—usually from our smart phones!” 

Looking to replicate 212 ESP Services’ digital billing achievements? Checkout the GoFormz fields and features to include in your successful billing documents:

  • Capture Signatures with ease: Don’t send your staff on a wild goose chase. Now, with GoFormz Signature Fields, hunting down crucial signatures is effortless. Adding Signature capture to your forms is simple, and can be optimized with a variety of settings—like Author Only, Clear On Form Edit (re-approval signatures after form edits) and Required field features. 
  • Automate client facing procedures: Don’t keep your customers waiting. With Automated Workflows, retrieve completed customer documents immediately, improving your response time and project efficiency. Setting up a variety of workflow Triggers can help keep your team become more agile—be sure to explore corresponding Alert options for instant notifications as soon as form information is submitted. 
  • Let your forms do the heavy-lifting, with Auto Calculations: Keeping your team efficient and consistently accurate feels like an impossible task. Empower your staff with Automatic Calculations, and watch form completion rates soar, without hindering your billing accuracy. 

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