3 Customer Stories We Love

There’s nothing we love more than our team and our customers… they’re why we do, what we do! As a leading mobile forms solution, we are lucky enough to speak with customers across a variety of industries, business sizes and locations. Here are 3 GoFormz customer stories we absolutely love: 

Team Murph: For the love of pizza
After expanding their Domino’s Pizza franchise from 43 to 70 locations, Team Murph faced the difficulties of rapid and frequent new hire on-boarding. As their paper forms struggled to keep pace with the growth of their business, Team Murph suffered a plethora of issues: forms lost, incorrect data, delays, no accountability. Team Murph’s leadership knew it was time to seek a more modern solution, and turned to GoFormz.  

Now, with a collection of forms digitized within their GoFormz account, Team Murph personnel can quickly and easily submit forms for instant review and processing — improving accountability and productivity. In addition, submitted forms are searchable, making data recall simpler. 

“...after implementing GoFormz, we had 2x the amount of data coming in.” 
- Jenifer Colbenson, Training Director at Team Murph

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SiteMix: On-the-go awesome
SiteMix, a concrete producer from Atlanta, Georgia, was plagued with frustrating, incorrect paper delivery tickets. Handwritten paper delivery tickets often had missing or inaccurate data, and had to be physically delivered… before then requiring hours of manual review. This time consuming practice was costly and wasteful, leading the SiteMix team to pursue a more streamlined solution. 

After discovering GoFormz, the SiteMix team have witnessed incredible results. By digitizing their paper tickets, SiteMix could leverage a Dropbox integration, automating and improving form storage and organization. 

"If I wasn’t using GoFormz I would have to hire a full time office person. The time and effort that GoFormz saves me allows me to expand my business without adding more administrative costs - in fact, it saves me money.” 
– Dale Henderson, SiteMix’s Operating Partner

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Nicholson Builders: Paperless professionalism
The Nicholson Builders team was at their wits end dealing with paper forms and documents. Forms were submitted incomplete, sloppy and incorrect, because the cumbersome, lengthy process of completing and delivery paper forms provoked difficulties. 

With GoFormz, the Nicholson Builders team not only saves time (otherwise wasted delivering and correcting forms), but has also elevated the quality and completeness of collected data. Forms that would have been lost, are now easily accessible and shareable. 

“Now [with GoFormz], when forms are turned in, they are not only complete, but legible and formatted properly.” – Bryan Copley, Small Projects & Handyman Division Manager

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