3 (More) Reasons to Dump Paper

Now is the perfect time to dump paper for good. Paper forms produce a variety of issues across an operation — from filing demands to data entry errors. GoFormz can help liberate your business from paper dependencies, read below to discover 3 reasons to dump paper forms today. 

  1. Inaccurate, messy and error prone
    Nothing obstructs an otherwise productive workflow, like unprofessional, inaccurate paper forms. Sloppy handwriting, coffee spills and frequent errors make paper forms an expensive crutch. Fortunately, mobile forms solve all of the aforementioned paper form woes. Digital forms remove the need for hand entered data (no more chicken scratch handwriting) and reduce opportunities for human error. 
  2. Filing demands
    Are your filing cabinets a cacophony of forms and filing supplies? Physical storage not only wastes time, but also budget. Mobile forms allow your team to ditch physical filing demands with Cloud storage and intuitive, easy to access record-keeping. With powerful features like Tags, forms are easily searchable, expediting document recall.
  3. Delays
    Paper forms not only take longer to fill out than mobile forms, but also present a plethora of additional responsibilities: correcting, delivering, processing, storing, etc. Each of these obstacles present further time delays — meaning more time spent on paperwork, than actual work. GoFormz helps you avoid delays and expedite workflows, by automating frequent tasks, pre-populating information from Data Sources, instantaneous access to completed forms, and more. 

By simply digitizing your forms collection, your operation can save countless hours and valuable budget. Ready to jumpstart your digital savings and transformation? Click here to read the GoFormz Starter Guide