3 Examples of Game-Changing Auto-Calculations in Mobile Forms

Not all of us are gifted mathematicians, and often even simple calculations can halt an otherwise seamless workflow. Even more troublesome are the frequent inaccuracies of hurried math and hand-scrawled arithmetic. In a modern, fast-paced world, relying on manual calculations is time consuming and potentially costly. Fortunately, there’s a silver lining: Auto-Calculations for GoFormz mobile forms are easy to implement, and even easier to use. Say goodbye to scribbled addition and inexplicable results—with Automatic Calculations, mathematical human error is a thing of the past. When our customers use Auto-Calculations in their mobile forms, they typically discover noteworthy improvements to jobsite efficiency, as well as greater confidence in the accuracy of their data. Need more convincing? Check out these examples of auto-calculation excellence:


1. SiteMix: A concrete producer from Atlanta, SiteMix struggled with missing and incorrect data from handwritten delivery tickets. Due to frequent complications with record keeping, SiteMix spent large amounts of time reviewing input data, in addition to time spent delivering tickets and manually completing calculations. After implementing automatic calculations, jobsite results were delivered more accurately, saving SiteMix valuable time, as well as reducing costs. 

"If I wasn’t using GoFormz I would have to hire a full time office person. The time and effort that GoFormz saves me allows me to expand my business without adding more administrative costs - in fact, it saves me money.” –Dale Henderson, SiteMix Operating Partner



2. Paramount Heating & Air Conditioning: As contractors, the team at Paramount Heating & Air work mostly from job sites where internet connectivity is spotty at best. Facing frequent issues with web-based form services that could not provide offline data capturing, Paramount sought out a mobile form solution that could accommodate their offline needs. Luckily, Bill Brown, President at Paramount, discovered GoFormz forms could be completed without the burden of manual calculations nor connectivity issues—even data logged through auto-calculations offline would still be captured within GoFormz once the user returned online. The GoFormz platform provides Paramount with a more streamlined workflow and accurate data, despite unpredictable access to the internet. 

“I have the highest revenue per employee in the industry because GoFormz has enabled me to automate practically everything”—Bill Brown, Paramount Heating & Air



3. Oscar Larson: For Oscar Larson, accurate and timely calculations are the key to a successful audit—a cornerstone element of their sales. Before mobile forms, Oscar Larson reps relied on manual calculations and trips back to the office to complete paperwork after each sales call. Unable to provide a sales contract or proposal until an audit was complete, sales reps required a more streamlined, time-effective approach to their process. Enter GoFormz—after implementing auto-calculations, Oscar Larson sales reps were able to quickly determine the cost-savings for a potential customer in real-time, providing a quote on the spot. Now, audits can end with sales contracts, rather than wasting time (and potentially losing opportunities) racing back to the office. 

“There are lots of mobile forms solutions that can capture data on mobile devices. Only GoFormz gave us the features we needed for our sales reps to automatically calculate a customer's’ savings AND generate a professional-looking proposal they could sign right then and there.”—Pete Wayne, Director of IT & Finance, Oscar Larson

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