Spotlight Form: Jobsite Inspection Form

Jobsite inspection forms play a crucial role in assessing and noting potential hazards and other areas in need of improvement. Without these forms, it is difficult to maintain a safe work environment and efficient jobsite. Mobile forms ensure that jobsite inspections are completed thoroughly, with accuracy, and in a timely and efficient manner. 

With GoFormz, you can easily create and manage your jobsite inspection forms and benefit from leveraging several key features: 

  • Use Signature fields to complete and finalize your inspection forms from the field.
  • GPS fields allow you to capture the location of the jobsite, providing precise detail. 
  • Include pictures of the jobsite with Image fields, either by uploading them or taking the photo in real time. 
  • Text fields allow you to capture detailed information like work conditions and evaluation notes. 
  • Use Conditional Logic to enforce business rules directly on your forms and documents.

By digitizing your jobsite inspection form, you can unlock a new level of functionality for your business. To find out more about the jobsite inspection form and others, check out our 9 Essential Mobile Forms eBook

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