3 Mobile Roofing Forms Every Contractor Needs

From roof replacements to leak and repair services, relying on paper forms to capture critical roofing project data introduces opportunities for human error and missing data. Eliminating these data vulnerabilities begins with digitizing your forms collection for more expedient, convenient data capture on phones and tablets.

Using mobile forms allows your field teams to work wherever, whenever – even offline. This means that teams can complete their forms with the aid of digital features, without the need for a consistent cell signal or access to wifi. These mobile forms also help teams capture more accurate data, safeguard their forms against inclement weather conditions and route data to the back-office in real-time.

Mobile forms for roofing

Interested in optimizing your roofing operation and data capture, with mobile forms? Here are three mobile roofing forms every contractor needs:

Roof Inspection Checklists
Inspections play a central role in any roofing project, helping onsite teams to track progress, note hazards and ensure the completion of important project elements. With digital checklists, roof inspections can be completed rapidly and thoroughly, and can be seamlessly routed to key-players in real-time. This real-time access to completed inspections allows field teams and back-office counterparts to more quickly respond to any hazards or issues noted within inspections.

Digital Roof Inspection Checklists can also be equipped with visual fields, like Images and Sketches, allowing users to easily include and annotate photos of inspection details. GPS data can also be used to provide the exact location of completed inspections, increasing transparency into project progress.

Estimates & Bid Proposals
Strike while the iron is hot – with digital roofing estimates and bid proposals, your mobile sales teams and onsite personnel can provide highly accurate, incredibly professional roofing bids instantly. With Automatic Calculations, instantly calculate project estimates and route to back-office teams or supervisors for immediate authorization and Signatures.

Once a project is completed, seamlessly route professional, timely Invoices to customers. Include Tables to provide an organized breakdown of project line items and supplement them with project Images. Digital Invoices not only increase customer satisfaction and professionalism, but also help to expedite payment collections and processing.

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