3 Paper Pitfalls (And How GoFormz Can Help You Avoid Them)

When it comes to running a business, paperwork is generally accepted as an inevitable daily task. But what’s often forgotten are the various vulnerabilities and limitations of using paper documentation. Fortunately, GoFormz is here to help your business avoid these common paper mishaps—learn how three GoFormz customers overcame such pitfalls using mobile forms:

Alpine's Paperwork Problem
Missing data is a frustrating experience. For Alpine Painting & Sandblasting, missing data was made all the more difficult by unavoidable delays in form submissions.

“Each job site would have 3-4 forms that would have to be filled out daily,” details Anthony Krake, Environmental Safety and Quality Management at Alpine. “The forms would be submitted weeks after completion because the jobsites were too far from our home office to drive in more frequently. We would then find problems with the paperwork and would have to drive the forms back out to the jobsite to fix the errors, wasting resources and time.”

Adding to Alpine’s paper form troubles was frequent physical damage to forms, making entries unreadable and thus, unusable. 

Now, with GoFormz, Anthony and the Alpine team can rest easy knowing their data is instantly processed, and safe from physical damage. With improved data and organization, in addition to more professional client-facing reporting, Alpine managed to escape their paperwork limbo as a more productive, well-oiled machine. 

SiteMix’s Handwritten Hindrance
SiteMix, a rapidly growing concrete producer, was hindered by handwritten paper forms. Basic record keeping required SiteMix’s Operating Partner, Dale Henderson, to collect and tally handwritten tickets containing crucial billing and inventory numbers. Scrawled handwriting, missing tickets, incomplete information and the necessity for hours of paperwork review led Dale to seek out a solution to this handwritten horror story. 
When searching for a mobile solution, SiteMix was faced with a variety of options, many of which brought along brand new obstacles—major platform expenses, difficult training or complex set ups. Using GoFormz, SiteMix saves countless hours of time and administrative costs with clear reporting and Auto-Calculations...without the hassle of a difficult setup or unbearable expenses.

Thunderbird Advisors’ Document Dilemma
Thunderbird Advisors was burdened by endless binders of documentation. As a member of the wind energy construction industry, a large amount of equipment and resources was required for proper documentation—copy machines, shelving, reams of paper (all managed by an on-site admin). With more than 80 turbines in the field, all requiring a variety of forms, Thunderbird Advisors was faced with an exhaustive amount of paperwork and expenses, and needed to escape the never ending cycle of physical documentation. 
After implementing GoFormz, Thunderbird Advisors was able to save a significant amount of administrative time and storage—at least $50,000 worth.

“Not only has GoFormz added a level of searchability to our documents, it also has eliminated any issues with copies, potentially missing pages—and all of the data is easily audited,” explained Thomas J. Ross, President of Thunderbird. With paperwork reduced and documentation streamlined through workflows, Thunderbird now looks forward to enhancing their operations further, with the assistance of GoFormz. 

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