3 Reasons Why You Should Use GPS & Maps in Your Mobile Forms

With GoFormz you can include GPS coordinates and maps directly in your mobile forms. If you have a form that can benefit from location information, you should be using these features - they help you to capture better data on the go. Almost every smartphone and tablet has mapping and GPS resources built-in, so it's easy and fast to include this information in your forms. Here are three reasons why you should be using the Maps and GPS fields.

Use GoFormz to include GPS and Maps in your mobile forms

1. Save Time and Collect Thorough Location Information

Many forms like job proposals, work orders and inspection forms require recording location data like the address of a job site, where a package was delivered to, or where a signature was captured. By adding GPS and Map fields to your mobile forms this information can be automatically and reliably documented. Avoid having to use a separate GPS device or hunting around for address information - let the mobile form do the work for you, and save time. 

2. Create Modern and Professional Looking Forms

Maps on digital forms will impress your customers and show them that you run a modern, competitive and efficient business. Forms with maps and GPS information that detail where you conducted business for them will definitely win you some style points. Give your customers a positive, professional and lasting impression about your company.

3. Capture Accurate and Precise Data

Data, data, data! You just can’t seem to get away from this word, but that’s not always a bad thing. You can run smoother, more efficient daily operations with more accurate data. With precise data like GPS coordinates and visual information like locations on a map, you are better equipped to run your business like a well-oil machine (and avoid snafus and wasting time due to incomplete or confusing address or location information.)