3 Workflows to Help You Conquer the New Year

We’ve all heard it before, “New Year, new me” –– a reoccurring promise to not only start fresh, but also tackle the obstacles that plagued the previous year. At GoFormz, we believe your “new me” can be easily accomplished with a few simple, digital workflows to help guide and streamline how you get things done. 

Ready to get started? Here are some digital workflows you can easily implement today: 

Dispatch Pre-Filled Forms
This upcoming year, make simplifying your team’s field data collection a priority. Using the Salesforce Integration, forms can be dispatched to field teams, pre-filled with Salesforce data. This solution improves your team’s data accuracy, while also reducing the amount of data needed to complete a form. Learn about the Salesforce Integration

Auto-Email Completed Documents
Delivering completed forms was a previously manual, tedious process –– a time-waster of epic proportions. Configure your form to automatically email copies of your completed forms to emails entered within specific fields. Learn to configure the auto-email workflow.

Instantly Tag Forms
Organization is key to a productive workforce, and simplifying your Tagging process is incredibly easy. GoFormz can automatically add Tags to forms based on values entered into form fields. Learn more about auto-tagging here