4 Forms to Elevate Food Safety & Compliance

Maintaining stellar food safety conditions and regulations within your business is essential. Conducting regular food safety and compliance audits helps keep your customers, employees and vendors safe from food-borne illnesses and workplace accidents.

Elevate your food safety with mobile food safety forms and improved compliance

Using paper-based food safety forms complicates compliance by making collected information (like food temperatures and kitchen hazards) difficult to track, reference and report. With mobile food safety forms, collecting, submitting and addressing food service data becomes exponentially simpler. Additionally, with digital fields and logic, input data is more accurate, timely and accessible.

We have so many forms at McDonalds, we’re always making copies, faxing, and emailing – I was trying to find a solution that does exactly what you do. It’s exactly what I was looking for.
— John New, Director of Operations

If you are interested in elevating the quality and efficiency of your food safety data, here are a few of the forms we recommend digitizing:

  • Daily Food Safety Checklist
    Easily record the completion of critical, daily food safety tasks with Checkbox Groups. Enable individual Checkboxes to make additional fields visible if selected using Dynamic Field Properties (for example, if a Checkbox were selected noting the presence of a hazard, additional fields could then be made visible requesting further information regarding the hazard).

  • Food Hold/Display Logs
    Effortlessly record food temperatures along with Timestamps, to better monitor the temperature of displayed, prepared foods. To monitor your team’s compliance, scheduled Reports to view temperature trends and reference historical data.

  • Hygiene Inspection Checklist
    Easily enforce hygiene procedures with mandatory inspection checklists. Include Digital Signature Boxes to capture employee and supervisor approvals, and Tag completed Hygiene Checklists with an employee’s name (for simplified recall).

  • Food Safety Training Completion Forms
    Ensure your restaurant staff remain compliant with regular food safety training and digital records of their participation. Automatically route completed training forms to management for immediate review.

...after implementing GoFormz, we had 2x the amount of data coming in.
— Jenifer Colbenson, Training Director, Team Murph

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