5 Ways GoFormz Can Expedite & Improve Deliveries

Tracking and delivering products is no easy task, especially when handling paper forms. Using mobile forms, delivery and logistics teams can easily collect project data, track delivery progress, capture customer signatures, and more. Read through the features below to learn what mobile delivery forms can do for you:

GPS Tracking
Easily keep tabs on package delivery and mobile team progress. Mobile forms allow users to easily include Maps and capture GPS data while on the go. By making these fields Required, form creators can ensure crucial project progress data (like GPS) are included before a form is submitted –– increasing visibility into mobile team activities.

Digital Signatures
Signed, sealed, delivered! Ensure important customer, driver and merchant Signatures are included in delivery forms, with the ability to make Digital Signature Boxes any size, a Required field, and even Timestamped (when the Form is created). 

Mobile forms allow for the inclusion of Image fields. Using Image fields, customers and delivery teams can include pictures of package damage and other relevant images within their forms via their device’s camera. Images can also be annotated, allowing users to highlight areas of concern.

Customer-facing Visibility (Share Forms)
Submitted mobile forms can be automatically shared with customers, using Automated Workflows. These simple yet powerful workflows not only increase customer responsiveness, but also your operation’s client-facing professionalism (no more delayed, sloppy, or hard-to-read paper forms). 

Data Sources
Using Data Sources, Drop Downs containing frequently used information (i.e. client names, addresses, freight information) can trigger other fields to auto-fill relevant data. For example, if a user were to select the name of a delivery driver from a Drop Down, that driver’s contact information could then be automatically populated in their respective fields. 

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