6 Features to Include In Your Construction Mobile Forms

Mobile forms for construction can completely transform your onsite workflow, thanks to a variety of powerful features, available to all GoFormz users. Follow along below as we map out a few of the most dynamic GoFormz features for construction mobile forms. 

construction mobile forms
  • Digital Signature
    From ensuring safety compliance, to approving a Work Order, digital Signatures are a valuable addition to your toolbox. With the ease of electronic signatures, onsite approvals are not only expedited, but can also be more efficiently routed to relevant teams.

  • Sketches/Annotations
    Easily include diagrams and Sketches of project plans in your forms for construction, and include annotations to highlight specific details.

  • Images
    Bring your data to life with simple image capture. Quickly include Images of worksites, onsite hazards and project progress.

  • Required fields
    Guarantee vital information is entered before construction mobile forms are submitted, with Required fields.

  • Pre-Populated fields (DataSource fields)
    Accelerate the entry of previously captured data using DataSources to pre-populate fields. Pre-filled fields also improve the accuracy of completed fields, minimizing room for human error.

  • Automated Workflows
    Leveraging Automated Workflows, trigger the instant routing of completed forms to teammates, customers, and integrated applications (like Procore, PlanGrid, BIM 360, Smartsheet, and more).

Construction mobile forms encourage monumental improvements across the entirety of your operation. With real-time data, data processing and reporting can be easily optimized, paralleled by major elevations in accuracy and timeliness. For more information on how construction mobile forms can benefit your operation, check out our eBook, Top 7 Use Cases for Construction Mobile Forms.