6 Ways Mobile Forms Streamline Administrative Tasks

Mobile forms accomplish so much more than replacing paper alone. With the ability to capture and instantaneously route rich, real-time data throughout an operation, mobile forms introduce a new wave of insights, unattainable by pen and paper. 

The instantaneous, timely nature of data collected via mobile forms allows for significant improvements across administrative tasks. With reduced administrative demands, businesses can reallocate personnel time and resources to further optimize their operation. 

Real customer savings

Using GoFormz, Integrated Petroleum Solutions (IPS) realized the following savings:

  • Reducing printing demands: savings of $7,000
  • Reduced administrative (minimized staffing hours): savings of $30,000

Total savings: $37,000 in their first year of using GoFormz.

Discover digital savings

Discover how GoFormz can save your business valuable administrative time and budget, with the following operational improvements: 

  1. Reduced delays
    Rather than waiting for manual, hand-delivered documents, mobile forms are instantly accessible to back office personnel — leading to expedited processing, improved productivity and more timely decision making. 
  2. Curtailed resource demands
    With fewer demands for printing, delivery and tangible storage, valuable budget can be redispersed and better leveraged. 
  3. Optimized record-keeping
    Mobile forms liberate data that was once isolated within paper documents and filing cabinets. With documents and data saved in the cloud, and routed to integrated applications, data can be more proactively applied, while also reducing financial record-keeping demands.
  4. Fewer opportunities for human error
    Leveraging Required fields and Conditional Logic, mobile form creators can ensure the accurate capture of critical data. With reduced error, administrators no longer face the task of correcting flawed data due to human error — saving time.
  5. Reduced administrative staffing
    Less time spent pushing paper means less administrative staffing is required. This man power can be redistributed throughout an operation, helping to increase productivity elsewhere — saving money. 
  6. Improved insights
    Better data leads to better insights. With improved insights, your business can make smarter, more timely decisions that result in financial wins. 

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