4 Fields to Include in Your Service Agreements

From field service to construction, Service Agreements play a vital role within the modern workplace. Service Agreements detail the terms of services to be performed, and the agreed upon) compensation.

Service Agreements are of equal importance to customers and service providers. For customers, Service Agreements protect a buyer’s investment, while service providers rely upon information provided for billing, and service details. 

Building the perfect digital Service Agreement begins with easy-to-use platforms, like GoFormz. GoFormz makes it easy to digitize Service Agreements and include powerful fields, using our drag-and-drop Template Editor. Here are four fields to include in your mobile Service Agreements:

  1. Signatures
    Digital Signature fields help expedite and ensure the capture of crucial agreement approvals, signifying the acceptance of terms outlined by both parties.
  2. Time/Date
    Make note of agreement dates, service timeline details and more, with simple to use Date fields.
  3. Tables
    Thoroughly outline service details, dates, associated expenses and more, using the Table field. Tables can be augmented with simple logic, to streamline data entry and improve accuracy.
  4. Drop Downs
    Simplify the entry of frequently used information (e.g. specific services, locations or employees) with Drop Downs filled with previously captured data. Drop Downs ensure the accurate and efficient completion of fields, reducing opportunities for errors.

Extra credit: Dynamic Field Properties and Automated Workflows
Dynamic Field Properties allow Form Template creators to manipulate the look and behavior of their digital documents, to help guide users through data entry. For example, a field could be made Required to guarantee the entry of vital information, prior to submission. 

You can further streamline the Service Agreement process via Automated Workflows. Using Automated Workflows, frequently completed, time-consuming tasks can be completed instantly. For example, an Automated Workflow could enable completed Service Agreements to send a copy of the completed document to a customer or supervisor email, provided within the document. These automated functions reduce administrative demands, prevent delays and eliminate opportunities for human error.