Case Study: AG Williams


Needed to replace manual paper-based documentation processes with an automated and digital solution. Existing systems were inefficient and often delayed, due to lost forms or failure to submit documents in a timely matter.

Implemented GoFormz to transform their old paper forms into smarter, digital versions. This modernization made for a more effective and convenient workflow: allowing teammates in the field to instantly access, fill-out and submit forms faster, while helping office managers improve record-keeping and data storage.


  • Ensured all materials needed for a project were ordered and delivered on time
  • Created an easier process for teammates to add additional services and costs to a project (when requested by customers at project sites)
  • Facilitated more effective documentation of employee incidents, PTO requests and other HR related events
  • Eliminated manual form submissions and unnecessary trips to the office (saving time and money)


  • Change Orders
  • Materials Order Sheet
  • Estimates
  • PTO Requests
  • Employee Incident Forms
  • Monthly Vehicle Checklist