Coming Soon: The New Template Editor

GoFormz is proud to announce the upcoming launch of our new Template Editor.

The GoFormz Team has worked hard to deliver an optimized Template Editor experience, featuring new and updated functionalities designed to streamline and simplify your Template creation.

The new Template Editor

Here are a few of the new and improved functions and features you can anticipate:

The updated Page Editor

Now, the entirety of your Form View page management can completed in one place — the new Page Editor. Adding, deleting, reordering and replacing pages is now easy as pie.

Faster load times for larger Templates
Templates (especially larger ones) now load significantly faster and respond to interactions quicker, allowing you to build your form templates without the inconvenience of annoying lag times at every step.

The Undo/Redo feature

Users can now undo and redo template changes (up to 20 steps back) using the arrow buttons at the top of the Template Editor.

Elevated List View customization & Auto Build

List View is no longer dependent on the Form View. You can now build out your entire form template in the List View — adding fields and editing properties just as you would in the Form View.

Intuitive Table field improvements

Our Table building interface has been completely revamped, making creating and editing your Table incredibly easier. Now, when editing a Table’s column and row sizes, users can simply use their cursor to adjust their dimensions, or add precise sizes in the Properties section. You can also add/delete/reorder columns and edit column properties directly, in the Properties section.

The Formula Bar

Rather than entering information into a tiny box in the Properties section, reduce errors by editing your formulas in the new Formula Bar. The formula text even wraps and expands as needed for longer formulas, and when selected, the formula icon will direct you to a Calculations guide. 

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For more details on our upcoming Template Editor launch check out the video below.

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