3 Ways GoFormz Accelerates Your Billing Cycle

Accelerate your billing cycle with digital invoices and automated workflows

Strike a balance within your billing cycle – use GoFormz to simultaneously accelerate billing and improve customer-facing professionalism. Here’s how:

Invoices are sent digitally – expediting delivery
There’s no need to rely on hand-deliveries or snail mail, when GoFormz can instantly route invoices and other billing documents to customers and collaborators. With immediate access to invoices, customers can review and complete outstanding invoice payments significantly faster.

Data routed to customers is right the first time
Retroactively correcting mistakes and gathering billing data results in delays (and sometimes, even more errors!). With Automatic Calculations, information entered into specific fields are instantly and accurately calculated. Using Dynamic Field Properties, Signature fields can be made Required, ensuring the capture of critical approvals before invoices are routed to customers. More accurate invoices not only streamline collections, but also elevate professionalism and client communications.

Collected data is instantaneously routed to integrated systems
Gone are the days of burdensome and monotonous administrative tasks. Data collected via GoFormz mobile forms never needs to be rekeyed into electronic platforms, because the data is already digital and instantly routed to connected business applications. Using partner integrations, Zapier and the GoFormz API, data can be seamlessly routed to the places and platforms that need it most.

Looking for more information on how GoFormz can help your team work more efficiently? Watch our digital invoice video spotlight to learn more.