Electronic Evolution: How “Digital” Is Shaping the Field Service Industry

Digitally transform your field service operation with mobile forms. 

Digital Transformation” is a term frequently used by brands, industry leaders and workplace innovators alike (GoFormz included) — but for the Field Service industry, what does Digital Transformation even mean? Disregarding the more obvious implications of digitally transforming a workplace, the buzzword carries more weight and importance than you might think. Below we’ve dissected the ways in which the Field Service industry has evolved within the digital world (and why you should consider a Digital Transformation of your own):

Empower Mobile Workforces
Field Service operations rarely enjoy the luxury of managing staff from one static location, often making data collection and distribution a challenging endeavor. As an industry reliant upon efficiency, communication and responsiveness are crucial elements within mobile workforces…priorities made simpler through digital tools. 

Adopting digital platforms into your Field Service workflows allows for the rapid collection and delivery of time-sensitive information — no matter a technician’s location. With real-time data accessibility, projects can progress on or ahead of schedule, without fear of time wasted delivering, correcting or manually entering data. Instant data access also allows for improved communication between job sites, offices and mobile technicians, keeping key-players informed and responsive at all times. 

GoFormz equips your mobile workforce with rapid data delivery, automated communications tools and instant access to project data and documents, anywhere, at any time... with or without a signal. The digitally transformative GoFormz platform makes digital data distribution simple and seamless across multiple locations, devices and departments — resulting in optimized workforce communications, more consistent document completion and easily shareable data. 

Top-Notch Customer Service
Keeping customers happy, confident and informed is no easy feat. Paper documents often lead to embarrassing client facing errors, like inaccurate information, physical mishaps (like coffee spills or missing pages) and delayed deliveries (waiting on manual hand-ins).

Digitizing your client-facing operations is a no-brainer, leading to a more professional aesthetic, informed customers and improved response times. Keep customers in-the-know — rapidly respond to client inquiries with accessible, real-time digital data or route completed documents to clients for their own record keeping and peace of mind. 

With GoFormz, outpace competitors and progress projects faster with instantly procurable quotes and sales forms — securing business as soon as possible. Provide customers with instantaneous, highly detailed descriptions of work using contextual features (like Images, Sketches and Diagrams) and Text field descriptions

Powerful Integrations, Endless Possibilities
Data trapped within paper forms does nothing for your business. Enrich every aspect of your business with collected data and powerful insight, by harnessing versatile integrations across digital platforms. 

Integrate your GoFormz mobile forms with your ServiceMax account, to harness the full power of collected jobsite data. GoFormz’ integration with ServiceMax, a comprehensive Field Service management platform, allows your workforce to gather data within a familiar user interface (GoFormz mobile forms look exactly like your original paper forms), and route data to ServiceMax for storage, analysis and application.