FAQ: Can I edit a duplicated form?

Yes, you can edit a duplicated form in both the GoFormz mobile and web apps. 

Duplicating a form can be incredibly useful when users are tasked with completing a document that shares significant amounts of data with a form they have already filled out. For example, if a landscaping team were to complete several projects for the same client, duplicating a form that already contains the project’s client, location and contact information can save time that would otherwise be spent filling in redundant data. In such a situation, duplicating the existing form and making changes to the few fields that are different results in beneficial time savings (rather than wasting time filling out a completely new form with the same information). 

Editing a duplicated form is easy –– let’s walk through the simple steps and get started: 

In the GoFormz mobile app

  1. Select the Form Actions button
  2. Tap ‘Copy
  3. Rename your duplicated Form
  4. Edit the fields you would like to change

In the web app Form Editor

Duplicate your form to eliminate the need to reenter data
  1. Open the Form you wish to duplicate
  2. Open the Form drop down menu (upper right hand corner)
  3. Select ‘Duplicate’ - once your form has been duplicated, a dialogue box will appear alerting users that they are now editing the duplicate form (if you are duplicating a completed Form, your new Form copy will be generated as a draft)
  4. Add your new form name
  5. Click ‘Save Changes
  6. Edit the fields you wish to change

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