Digitally Elevating B2C Professionalism

As businesses rapidly incorporate digital solutions within their daily workflows, customers now anticipate a higher level of professionalism that only digital can provide. For example, many customers now expect frequent communication and rapid responsiveness from their service providers. For businesses still utilizing slow, manual data collection, processing and communications, this expectation often acts as a barrier to repeat business. 

These modern solutions have ushered in a new era of customer service, that moves at the speed of digital — to compete, businesses must adapt. Here’s how implementing a digital data capture solution within your day-to-day business tasks, can elevate your B2C professionalism and customer service: 

  • Polished and professional experience
    Say goodbye to crumpled paper, coffee spills and chicken-scratch handwriting. Collecting data digitally makes it simple to present clients with professional, presentable project information. 
  • Rapid response times and timeliness
    Manual data collection requires form fillers to not only hand record data, but also hand deliver completed forms to the back office and customers. The physical delivery of documents adds further delays to project progress and communications, resulting in client frustration. Consider the speed of communications provided by service competitors who leverage digital tools — archaic paper forms and hand-delivery simply cannot keep pace. With digital tools, client documents and communications can be automated so completed, client-facing forms are instantly sent to customers for review. 
  • Fewer embarrassing errors
    Digital tools help guide the input of project information, resulting in fewer data errors (like misspellings or mathematical errors). Mobile forms feature embedded logic (like Automatic Calculations) that improve the quality of data entry. Reducing errors increases client confidence in services provided, leading to repeat business opportunities and referrals. 
  • Visual context
    Old school documents and reporting cannot host the visual aids customers have become accustomed to receiving. For example, mobile forms can provide clients with Images and Sketches of project details (e.g. a tree trimming service could provide Images of a completed project, annotated with Sketches to highlight key changes). 
  • Instant document generation
    Strike while the iron is hot. Digital documents can be instantly generated, pre-filled with information, to expedite client document completion (and close deals faster).  
  • Centralized, accessible record-keeping
    Rapidly access customer records with Cloud storage, Automated Tagging and simplified Form sharing. 

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