Top Fields & Functions For Small Business

Running a small business is no cake walk....

Running a small business is no cake walk, requiring management to take on a variety of responsibilities and tasks they would otherwise delegate to a larger staff. This constant multitasking means working hard to keep up with established competition and big business—a difficult feat when burdened with manual administrative obligations. 

One surefire way of keeping pace with larger companies is modernizing your business workflows—helping your workforce, brand and operation as a whole, appear larger. Easily take the first step in modernizing your operations with mobile forms and documents. Check out the GoFormz mobile forms features your small business can benefit from below: 

Tagging & Form Folders: When it comes to efficiency, organization is key. Easily and intuitively organize your mobile Forms and Templates with Tags and Form Folders. Organize your Forms and Templates in Folders, and Tag forms to organize by category and improve searchability (filter your searches by Tags for optimal efficiency). 

Small Business Use Case: Organize Work Orders or Invoices by client name, to easily locate past and pending orders. 

Automatic Routing & Shareability: Immediately share documents and data with team members and clients. Implement Triggers to instantaneously dispatch Alerts, updates and forms to key-players, as milestones are met and fields are completed. Big business efficiency, on a small business budget. 

Small Business Use Case: Instantly route copies of completed work orders, job proposals or invoices to clients and partners. 

Instantly select time and date fields. 

Date & Time Fields: Enable your forms to date and time stamp signatures, entered form fields or GPS data, to gain further visibility into your operation. Reference Date and Time stamps within past forms to resolve disputes or analyze progress. 

Small Business Use Case: Enable Date & Time stamps within Employee Timesheets to record accurate, indisputable shift hours completed (ProTip: Also include automatic calculations to tally total hours accurately). 

Branding Capabilities: Refine your professional image with impeccably  branded documentation. When it comes to small business, first impressions are vitally important. Ensure you put your best form forward with the ability to customize the aesthetic, format and branding of your form. 

Small Business Use Case: Developing your business aesthetic extends to your forms. Present your small business professional on digital, beautifully branded mobile from coffee spills and messy handwriting. 

Looking to elevate you mobile forms? Explore our eBook, The 7 Best Forms for Small Businesses, to see which forms can help take your business further.