Forms for iPad & Windows Tablets

Forms for iPad and Windows

Still dragging around binders stuffed with paperwork, cumbersome clipboards and stray writing utensils? Ditch the clutter, streamline your work and liberate your data, with GoFormz on your iOS or Windows tablet. 

Here are a few ways using GoFormz on your tablet can simplify your daily tasks: 

  • Easily capture new data types straight from your device (e.g. snap a quick jobsite photo using your tablet’s camera)
  • Sketch over Images and diagrams with the ease of a larger, handheld device — without the cumbersome feel of a clipboard, sheets of paper and writing utensils
  • Use your mobile forms in List View for a simplified index of your fields, or use Form View for a familiar look and feel
  • Complete mobile forms on your tablet in remote areas, even without a signal
  • Fill out forms rain or shine, without fear of damaged documents 
  • Access all your forms on one device, rather than binders full of paper
  • Submit completed forms instantly, no manual delivery necessary

Ready to use mobile forms for iPad or Windows tablets? Click here to learn how you can create your first mobile form