Your Form, Your Way: Working with List View vs. Form View

When it comes to collecting data in the workplace, one form does not fit all. Each workforce, jobsite and project presents unique obstacles that challenge traditional paper-based data entry and inflexible digital-form platforms. Lucky for you, there’s no longer a need to struggle with uncompromising documentation or rigid apps –– GoFormz’ patented flexible input options are the dynamic solution you’ve been searching for.

GoFormz empowers your business to present clients, partners and vendors with professional, digital documents. These mobile forms, which can look exactly like your legacy paper forms, act as powerful marketing tools, while presenting highly accurate data. While the finished, client-facing version of the form is always important, it’s also critical that you and your team have the flexibility to easily and intuitively capture their data in the first place.  That’s where the GoFormz Form View and List View capture options come in:

There are two input options: Form View and List View.

Form View
Entering data within Form View presents users with a familiar user interface presenting the entirety of the mobile form on your device. We like to say that this view, “Looks like your paper form, but on a digital device.” Data is entered directly into fields that exactly mirror your existing paper forms, allowing employees to quickly adapt and understand their new digital platform. This familiarity also allows for rapid data entry and seamless form navigation.

Form View looks just like your paper form

List View
The other input view is the List View. List View is particularly helpful when using smaller devices, like phones, which have significantly smaller screens than that of a tablet or computer, making it occasionally difficult to select or navigate fields in Form View. List View alleviates this frustration by presenting a simple list of each Field on your form with the appropriate input options natively available on your device (like date-picker wheels and drop down choice selectors.) On smaller screens, using List View means  that you don’t have to resize or pinch-and-zoom your form.

List View also introduces additional intuitive customization for your team’s data entry. Fields within List View can be structured under hierarchical groupings (Tabs and Sections) keeping data entry topics organized in whatever manner best benefits your team (e.g. grouping customer contact fields, visual fields, etc.).

Tabs and sections keep the List View input view organized and intuitive.

Valuable Versatility
Switching between the two views is easy, simply toggle between Form and List by selecting the […] button at the bottom of the app’s Form Editor. This instant access to both views becomes especially important when working with third party collaborators, like clients. While working with customers or other contributors, quickly change between List and Form view –– allowing employees to work within the device-optimized List View, with instant access to their professional, client-ready Form View.

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