Video: Mobile Forms for Your iPad and iPhone

With GoFormz, creating versatile, mobile forms for your iPad and iPhone is simple. Simply upload your existing paper forms, add your fields (anything from images to electronic signatures) and set your rules (e.g. Required fields, workflow automations, etc.). It’s that easy. 

    Ready to mobilize your forms? Check out how forms for your iPad and iPhone can elevate your workflows: 

    Digitizing your forms for your iPad or iPhone allows you to harness a variety of features and functions to boost productivity and streamline your operations, including: 

    • Smart Features (like Auto-Calculations, Required fields and Conditional Logic)
    • Improved Shareability (instantly transfer forms to teammates, automate workflows or dispatch alerts and documents)
    • Increased Visibility (via Image fields, GPS data coordinates and Sketches)
    • Real-Time Data (instantly available live data and reports keep your team informed and responsive)