Electrical Services Use Cases For Mobile Forms

GoFormz is a great solution for businesses of any size, industry and location, including Electrical Contractors and Services businesses. We recently caught up with some of our customers in this industry and identified some great mobile forms use cases for their operations. Here's a few of our favorites:

Mobile Invoices expedite processing. With useful features like Automatic Calculations and workflow logic, Invoice data is consistently accurate and timely — saving users time and money. Many electrical services companies use Service Invoices to tally and calculate total time spent on a jobsite, as well as any fees accrued (e.g. permit fees, material fees). Using Automated Routing, Service Invoices can be immediately emailed to managers for processing. 

Digital Timesheets allow management to centralize employee work information, and encourage a more detailed record of hours and work completed. Many electrical businesses utilize mobile Timesheets to track employee hours, as well as location, work descriptions and work codes. To streamline Timesheet entry, use data sources to auto-populate lot numbers and addresses, based on the customer or subdivision selected.

Leverages GoFormz Datasources within Checklists to auto-populate descriptions and prices for parts needed for each job. The number of parts and their corresponding prices can then be multiplied and tallied to quantify total price and number units needed. To keep Invoices organized, auto-numbers then assign unique invoice numbers to identify each document. 

We are thrilled that so many electrical contractors and services companies have found success using GoFormz mobile forms. Ready to jumpstart your digital transformation? Check out Seven Forms for Small Businesses, to see how your business can benefit by going digital.