GoFormz Alleviates IT Demands

Implementing digital solutions can be daunting for IT teams… risking lengthy setups, frustrating on-boarding and constant troubleshooting. Fortunately, digitizing your Information Technology forms and processes with GoFormz not only avoids the aforementioned obstacles, but also streamlines and simplifies daily tasks for IT teams. 

Information Technology mobile forms

Here are a few ways GoFormz alleviates IT demands and simplifies worklife:

  • No-code-required setup: Just upload a PDF of your existing paper form, drag-and-drop fields, and download the GoFormz app… no code required.
  • Simplified on-boarding: Onboarding with GoFormz is easy. With weekly blog updates, video tutorials, Professional Template building and stellar customer support, Team GoFormz has a plethora of resources to help guide new users. More resources = less time IT teams spend coaching new users.
  • Customizable permissions: Grant only specific users permission to make Form Template or account edits, eliminating opportunities for accidental changes, unwelcome account edits or mistakes requiring IT attention. Account Users and Groups can be easily managed at any time, from a desktop computer.  
  • Improved communication and recall: Rapidly submit and receive IT tickets and other relevant forms with instantaneous and/or automated Form sharing. Automated Workflows improve IT responsiveness, while new data types (like Images, Sketches and Maps) bring further context to IT projects. 
  • Real-time insights lead to more accurate decision making: Bolster project proposals, IT decision making and business agility with real-time, instantaneous insights and thorough reporting of collected data.

...and more!