GoFormz for Agriculture: Efficiently Harvest Farm Data

use mobile forms to input farm data and send in real-time to the office

Working in Agriculture encompasses a variety of diverse responsibilities.  From field workers to agricultural managers, farm data plays a vital role in business success and quality assurance. Don’t trap your form data within paper forms. Explore the following reasons why digital Agricultural forms can better serve your business data: 

User Familiarity (No Re-Training): 
With GoFormz, provide your workforce with familiar, easy to use digital forms — no training necessary. Simply upload a PDF or image of your existing paper form and add your desired fields. Digital, identical… smarter. 

Data Accuracy: 
Adding ‘smart’ GoFormz fields to your digital forms allows your team to efficiently enter farm data, while ensuring submitted information is consistently accurate. Features like Automatic Calculations, Pre-Populated fields and Required fields guide users through data input without disrupting their workflow. Confirming accurate, timely data is filled, before forms are submitted. 

Track & Improve Shipments: 
Track shipments of produce and other agricultural products with real-time updates, GPS coordinates and dispatched alerts. Identify obstacles to shipment workflows to improve efficiencies, and save time and money. 

Offline Capabilities: 
Agricultural work is rarely confined to a desktop — so why should your forms be? Arm your field staff with mobile forms that work even without a signal, keeping employees productive despite signal interruptions. Once back online, sync gathered data back to the office. It’s that easy.