V2MOM - Aligning the GoFormz Vision

V2MOM aligning company goals

Ever heard of the V2MOM? 

In an effort to better align our vision and evolution as a team, GoFormz has implemented the  V2MOM approach — detailing our company’s vision and goals for the coming year, and how each department and each employee will stay aligned and collectively and individually contribute to reaching each milestone. 

We are committed to delivering the best customer experience that we can, while simultaneously creating an awesome company to work at. Because our business is continually expanding (welcoming more and more customers every day, and adding new team members on a regular basis) we realized that it is time to regroup, refocus, and ensure that we stay on the right path for continued growth.

The V2MOM exercise (which stands for Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles and Measures) was developed by Salesforce founder and CEO, Marc Benioff, who describes each element of the V2MOM process as follows: 

“The vision helped us define what we wanted to do. The values established what was most important about that vision; it set the principles and beliefs that guided it (in priority). The methods illustrated how we would get the job done by outlining the actions and the steps that everyone needed to take. The obstacles identified the challenges, problems, and issues we would have to overcome to achieve our vision. Finally, the measures specified the actual result we aimed to achieve; often this was defined as a numerical outcome.”

The purpose of a V2MOM is to identify and record what a company, department and employee each aim to achieve in the coming year, why those achievements are important and the methods used to accomplish them.

All of GoFormz has completed V2MOMs outlining projected accomplishments for FY19.

For us, it started with our CEO publishing the company’s V2MOM.  Once reviewed and finalized, each department head drafted a corresponding department-level V2MOM representing how each department will contribute to, and align with, the Company V2MOM. Similarly, each employee created their own V2MOMS which aligned with the department level version, detailing how they will support department and company-wide visions, what methods they will use to do so, and how they will measure their progress. 

The V2MOM experience has provided a blueprint for GoFormz’ FY19 efforts, and every team member knows how he or she will play a part. Our company’s vision encourages collaboration, innovation and focus, in order to ‘Become the trusted data capture platform that drives digital transformation for both SMB and Enterprise organizations.’ 

GoFormz plans to pursue its vision through a strong dedication to customer success, product innovation, transparency and security. 

To learn how GoFormz can support your company’s vision, visit us at www.goformz.com.