Top Forms for Your Industry

No matter your industry, paperwork, manual processing and physical storage are common obstacles to productivity and data accuracy. Below, identify and explore the forms commonly digitized by your industry, using GoFormz:

Mobile forms route energy data in real-time, improving business agility and transparency

Maintenance Reports - Log solar panel cracks, turbine issues, pipeline updates and more, with visual fields (like Images and Sketches) and Text fields.
Inspections - Use Images and Sketch annotations to document site damages or concerns and GPS to capture inspection location.
Installation Reports - Record professional, client-facing Installation Reports, documenting installation work completed.
Safety Forms - Simplify safety procedure documentation with Checkboxes, while leveraging Required fields to ensure vital safety details are captured before beginning a project.

ProTip: Automate maintenance workflows to improve response times and transparency.

Construction & Engineering
Work Orders - Capture customer details and Signatures, along with proposed service information. Once completed, automatically route a copy of submitted Work Orders to customers, supervisors and teammates.
Estimates - Effortlessly improve the accuracy of Estimate totals with Automatic Calculations, and strike while the iron is hot with digital Signatures (to capture prospective client authorization, as soon as they are interested). 
Jobsite Inspections - Ensure your team is safe, and carefully follow OSHA guidelines, with detailed, easy to complete (and share) Inspection forms. 
Equipment Inspection Checklist - Rapidly fill out Equipment Inspections with Drop Downs filled with specific data, ensuring accuracy and expediting completion. 

ProTip: Improve customer-facing responsiveness and professionalism with automated workflows

Field Service & HVAC
Service Work Order - Capture Images of areas and utilities in need of service, enter job details and capture client Signatures
Quotes - Automatically calculate proposed totals, and instantly email copies of Quotes to customers and partners –– improving professionalism and responsiveness.
Installation Report - Easily capture and submit Installation Images, record project details completed and route forms to customers and Technicians. 
Maintenance Report - Log equipment issues, materials used and more, with visual fields (like Images and Sketches) and Text fields.

ProTip: Annotate project Images with Sketch fields, to improve context and highlight areas that need further attention. 

Mobile forms improve retail inventory with barcode scanning

Timesheets - Auto-calculations improve payroll accuracy and efficiency, while dynamic fields alert supervisors to overtime hours worked
Inventory Forms - Rapidly enter product information with Barcode Scanning and Drop Downs filled with product data, and improve the accuracy of documented Invoice totals with Auto-Calculations
Order Forms - Easily complete and route Order forms via Automated Workflows.
Merchandise Inspection Forms - Document product quality or damage with Barcode Scanning, Drop Downs and Image fields. 
Customer Satisfaction/Complaint Forms - Record customer satisfaction or concerns with professional forms, and organize submitted documents using Tags, for simplified recall. `

ProTip: Simplify inventory with automatic calculations and Barcode scanning

Food & Beverage
Inventory - Ensure Food and Beverage products are accounted for. Document damaged products with Image fields, instantly calculate Inventory totals, and capture Inventory approval Signatures
Franchise Training Forms - Simplify onboarding with digital, shareable training forms. 
Health Inspection Forms - Guarantee your team is ready for Health Inspections, with mobile forms that simplify health and safety procedural documentation. Leverage Checkboxes, Time/Date fields and Drop Downs, to improve data accuracy and timeliness. 

Production Reports - Monitor warehouse progress with instantaneous data and real-time reporting.  
Internal Quality Audits - Ensure quality control procedures are carefully followed, and measure effectiveness of quality management workflows, via real-time data and visual fields. 
Warehouse Safety Checklists - Document warehouse safety procedures using easy to complete Checklists, and capture hazards with Image fields and Sketch annotations

Transportation & Logistics
Bill of Lading - Document shipment cargo and details with Drop Downs, Signature fields, Automatic Calculations and Barcode Scanning. 
Vehicle Inspections - Monitor vehicle mileage and track fuel usage with Automatic Calculations. Easily capture Images of damage, and route completed forms to team members. 
Daily Driver Safety Checklists - Ensure driver safety is a priority, with easy to complete and review checklists. 
Invoices - Provide instantaneous, accurate Invoices to clients, drivers and more. 

ProTip: Leverage GPS fields for simplified driver progress tracking. 

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