GoFormz Halloween: Two Haunting Tales From our Customers

There’s nothing that spooks us quite like incorrect or missing data. Before GoFormz, data errors and inconsistencies were widely accepted by many of our customers as an unavoidable flaw. As a digital solution, we frequently hear scary stories of missing paperwork, delayed documents and mathematical errors — here are a two short, paper-based anecdotes that spooked our customers into digitizing their documents: 

Wicked Weather - Radiance Solar
Radiance Solar, a professional solar power installation business for commercial, institutional and utility customers, was battling regular document damage before they found GoFormz. Working outdoors throughout every season and braving the elements daily, paper documents would often undergo harsh, destructive conditions, making work difficult... and sometimes even impossible to complete. 

Luckily, the Radiance Solar team found GoFormz, and digitized their collection of documents and processing. “GoFormz allowed us to fill out forms in a multitude of weather conditions.”
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Perilous Processing - SiteMix
Before GoFormz, Dale Henderson, SiteMix’s Operating Partner, was burdened by a constant barrage of handwritten paper tickets. To process the tickets, Dale had to collect every ticket, requiring travel time and expenses. This time consuming and costly practice was then followed by exhaustive (and potentially incorrect) manual math and extensive filing. 

Once Dale introduced GoFormz into his workflow, his once frustrating process became miraculously simple –– saving SiteMix vast amounts of time and money. “GoFormz takes so much work off of our administrators, and eliminating the paper forms saves us thousands of dollars. GoFormz easily saves me 50-75 hours per month that would otherwise be spent just on office personnel tasks.”
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