Dynamic Field Properties: Your Trick, Their Treat

One of our favorite form creation tricks is using Dynamic Field Properties (DFP’s) to modify and manipulate the look and behavior of form fields. DFP’s are simple to setup, and can improve your mobile form experience in the following ways: 

Ensure data accuracy
Dynamic Field Properties help form admins improve the overall accuracy of input data. By manipulating the visibility of fields (using DFP’s), admins decrease redundancies and confusion by only showing fields relevant to specific Users and Groups. For example, a technician filling out a form might not need to complete fields specific to a supervisor. By showing the technician only fields relevant to their job function, form admins can eliminate unnecessary (most likely incorrect or irrelevant) data. 

Using Dynamic Field Properties in conjunction with Required fields can also help improve accuracy. Assigning Required fields depending on a User or Group guarantees form users are completely entering vital data before submitting their document. No more missing data, or filling out forms retroactively.

Elevate user efficiency
By only presenting users with the fields relevant to their work, form admins can not only reduce errors, but also time spent completing forms. Revisiting our previous example, a supervisor would most likely have more fields to complete than the average user. So why waste the technician’s time? By making these fields hidden to other users, form admins can streamline data entry and expedite document completion.   

Improved User Experience
Dynamic Field Properties also empower form admins to guide users through their form completion experience. By modifying the Background Color of a field, based on a user's input, form creators can help draw a user's attention to areas that require data input or changes. 

For example, if a user attempted to complete a field without adding their Required Signature, the Signature field background could be changed to red, directing the user's attention to the outstanding field. 

Watch this quick video to learn how Dynamic Field Properties can optimize your form completion experience.