How Mobile Forms Optimize Your Manufacturing Workflow

Mobile manufacturing forms elevate quality assurance, safety procedures and productivity

Manufacturing products or materials requires a careful balance of efficiency and attention to detail. Adding to the complexity of manufacturing are the many steps and necessary processes required to ensure the quality of each product created.

When relying on paper forms to record and deliver critical manufacturing information, warehouse teams and management often find striking a balance between productivity and accuracy challenging, and even impossible.

These frustrations stem from the slow, manual nature of paper documents and their associated processing, along with their frequent inaccuracies. These reasons (in addition to the many, many ways paper forms delay and hinder business productivity and accuracy) have led a large number of manufacturing teams to investigate and embrace digital forms, to expedite their manufacturing and quality assurance processes.

So what can mobile forms help your manufacturing team accomplish? Digitized versions of your forms provide your an entire operation with digital advantages that help them work faster, improve the quality of their work and make more informed decisions. Here’s how:

  • Visual fields and new data types elevate quality assurance & transparency
    New data types, like Images, Sketches and Maps, allow for more thorough, regular and detailed quality assurance and control. Using digital features, your team can easily increase transparency into warehouse floor operations. With increased transparency into manufacturing warehouse floor operations, management can regulate product quality and efficiency in real-time (rather than waiting for scanned images or hand-delivery of forms).

  • Timely analysis and increased business agility
    More regular, reliable information leads to a more informed workforce. With real-time data analysis, even the subtlest trends, inefficiencies and opportunities can be rapidly identified and addressed.

  • Digital recordkeeping improves audit and inspection preparedness
    Leveraging Cloud storage and integrations to third party platforms (like Salesforce, ServiceMax, Box, Egnyte and more) your entire collection of forms is just a few taps away — allowing your team to instantly access and review collected information, complete inspections and prepare for audits.

  • Required fields and logic encourage more thorough, regular safety reviews
    Nothing is more important than keeping your team safe. By embedding simple logic (like Required fields), form creators can ensure critical warehouse safety data is captured and reviewed before beginning a project — keeping your team protected and compliant.

  • Digital fields and routing improve customer and third party communications
    Instantaneous form routing (via Automated Workflows) and other automated daily tasks, simplify form and information sharing with colleagues, partners and customers.

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