3 Ways Mobile Forms Improve Your HVAC Workflow

In the world of HVAC, communication between field teams and back-office personnel is of the utmost importance. Using paper forms, collaboration and communication (between frontline workers and other teams) is stifled, and subjected to slow, manual processing — hindering productivity. 

mobile forms for hvac can improve your field service workflow

Using mobile forms, your HVAC workflow can be improved exponentially. Via powerful features, new data types and real-time data, mobile forms can elevate your data collection and processing — here are three ways how: 

Collect, communicate and process in real-time. 
Whether installing central air or repairing a furnace, timely HVAC communication is essential to a project’s success. Using mobile forms, delivering timely data is simple. Once data has been submitted via the GoFormz app or online platform, data is instantly available to the back office for processing, sharing and analysis. 

Before mobile forms, teams were subjected to scanning, rekeying and faxing valuable data. The time it took to process this information often resulted in stale insights and a large amount of wasted time. With GoFormz, collected data can immediately be put to work — resulting in improved business agility, rapid responsiveness and less time wasted on tedious, manual tasks.

Improved operational insights. 
GoFormz is so much more than just easy to use mobile forms. Interlaced with powerful, intuitive features, your GoFormz mobile forms help improve not only data capture, but also the quality of the captured data. With features like Automatic Calculations, and powerful Data Sources, GoFormz helps improve data accuracy through guided input. 

With real-time record-keeping, operational insights can be deduced in a more timely manner. With improved data quality, produced insights are not only more reliable, but also more thorough — allowing teams to identify even the subtlest of data trends. 

Client facing professionalism.
HVAC and field service teams work frequently with clients… and scribbled, incomplete paper forms are less than impressive. HVAC teams can ‘wow’ clients with digital professionalism and rapid response times, via GoFormz. Completed forms (like Service Reports, Work Orders, Quotes and more) can be quickly accessed and shared with clients, encouraging a more transparent, timely customer service workflow. 

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