The Legal Docs Toolbox

Safeguard your data, staff and clients from legal vulnerabilities.  With GoFormz, ensuring the safety of your data collection is effective, budget-friendly and most importantly... simple. Equip your forms with the following features for accident prone data and business security... along with peace of mind.

Capture signatures electronically with GoFormz. 

The Signature Field
Signature fields are essential for any legal document, securing participant consent, understanding of project details, purchasing specifications, and so much more. In the digital age, electronic signature capture is an invaluable feature used daily by GoFormz customers. 

The ability to instantly capture signatures from collaborators anywhere (at anytime) results in significant financial and time savings. One GoFormz customer, Matt Whips, President of Arixio, needed the ability to capture multiple signatures within a single form — regardless of time or order. After implementing GoFormz, Matt was very pleased with the results.

“I cannot stress enough the importance of the multi-touch signature capability, I had searched high and low for this and you were the only vendor!” 

Age Restrictions
With GoFormz Dynamic Fields, ensure talent, volunteers or participants are either old enough to participate, or have the proper guardian permission — simply enable additional fields to display once users have entered their age information. 

Terms & Conditions
Another legal document staple, Terms & Conditions, ensure participants are aware of and acknowledge their understanding of project details before signing forms. Using Uneditable Text fields, provide Terms & Conditions to ensure legal documents specify important details and restrictions. 

Guardian information on mobile forms.

Secure Cloud Storage
There are countless benefits to Cloud storage. From eliminating tangible storage demands (filing cabinets, cumbersome binders, etc.) to saving money, cloud storage is an efficient, powerful alternative to traditional record keeping. 

When it comes to protecting your legal documents and data, Cloud storage is an effective plan of attack. With automatic syncing and built-in protections, securing your data via Cloud storage allows for accessible, protected information and forms.